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Disclosure: The Coaches listed below as being Certified act totally as independent agents and are not part of PaulyGirl Fastpitch LLC  or High Performance Pitching business. Coaches Certification is solely an affirmation that a person has completed a rigorous educational tract created by High Performance Pitching. These Certified Coaches have completed the required courses, passed all the requisite quizzes, tests, and competency interviews to achieve this affirmation. High Performance Pitching requires several affirmations on the part of the Certified Coaches including; annual background checking, signing a Code of Conduct/Ethics, and signing an Instructional Code. Responsibility for selection of a Certified Coach is the total responsibility of the Parents, Coaches, or Associates who direct the training of another individual. Since these Certified Coaches are totally independent from High Performance Pitching, High Performance Pitching is not liable in any manner for the actions of these persons.

Name            Certification Level             Location                               Email                                     

Rick Pauly                       Elite                                        Richmond, Va.                                        
Shaun Walker                Elite                                        Bruno,West Virginia     
Scott Young           Intermediate                             Charleston, West Virginia 
Joe Ferguson          Intermediate                             Spring City, Pennsylvania         
Name                 Cert Level                         Location                                            Email                                 
Sarah Pauly                Elite                          Corpus Christi, Tx.               
Doug Romrell            Elite                          Logan, Utah                             
Jamie Mendez       Intermediate                 Mesa, Arizona                        
Name                                 Certification Level                         Location                                           Email     
Paul YuYang                        Intermediate                        West Sacramento, California            

Name            Certification Level             Location                               Email                                     Website


  Name                 Certification Level                            Location                                       Email                                     
Ken Krause                  Elite                            Mundelein, Illinois          
John Oothoudt        Elite                             Blue Earth, Minnesota 
James Clark               Elite                             Centerville, Indiana     
Matt Weiderman       Elite                             Sturgis, Michigan       
Jay Bolden                  Elite                            St.John, Indiana/Chicago
Ron McDonald         Intermediate             Columbus, Indiana       
Terry Schmitz           Intermediate              Lake City, Minnesota   
Jeff “JR” Sedlack      Intermediate               Crystal Lake, Illinois
Beth Jokhio               Intermediate               Hudson, Ohio               
Name                      Certification Level             Location                               Email                                     
Mikhy Koehler                Elite                         Pace, Florida   
Grant Grantham           Elite                        Bristol, Florida
Todd Edalgo                   Elite                        Macon, Georgia

Name            Certification Level             Location                               Email                                     Website